GoLive Extensions

Within the last years I have developed several GoLive Extensions. Currently I do not support nor maintain them anymore but if you look for some of them, you'll find them here.
Please use them for free but honour my copyright. However I cannot give any guarantee nor warranty that they will work as expected.

Accessus helps you to setup a password protected folder on your Apache web server.
Bored of the dotted frames around buttons/links? This extension adds a Javascript-snippet to hide this nasty frame.
Extending GoLive color management capabilities, Cocolores offers additional features right inside of GoLive:
  • realtime color wheel to adjust hue and saturation
  • brightness slider
  • up to four, permanently active color swatches ready to drag and drop colors
  • live connection to built in color management
  • color values in WEB savvy format
  • six color schmeme generators in the flyout menu
Deforce CSS
DeforceCSS "fixes" a behaviour introduced by GoLive 9 where some attributes (width, height) are written to CSS rules instead of being "attached" to their respective tags. It does so by moving these attributes back to their respective tags and changing/removing the CSS rules upon saving the file or changing the html view to source mode.
This extension serves as a small cleanup to remove "garbage" attributes from html-files which were somehow exported from dtp-applications, wordprocessors or web-converters.
DocCleaner provides the following features:
  • remove the width- and height-attributes in the table-, tr- or td-tag in mixed situations
  • remove the size, face or color attribute of font-tags or remove font-tags at all
  • remove numeric entities or non-breaking-spaces
  • rewrite source-code
Furthermore a flexible rule system allows flexible removal of obscure tags, attributes or even XML-code:
  • remove given attributes from tags you can specify
  • remove tags which start with obscure codes completely
For images, the most common attributes may be fixed. A flexible system of translation features and path analysis provides a powerfull system to adjust page titles.
Although (EmptyReference!) explains in what state a reference is, it is technically a erroneous reference which cannot be resolved by browsers. With this extension, you can force GoLive to write one of three different kind of values in future references: (EmptyReference!) or # or javascript:void(0);
This extension installs a new object. It contains (and hides) PHP code in order to accept form data, convert it and send it as an email.
It provides consistency checks, encodes foreign languages, has security and spam checks and can even attach one or more files you can upload with your form.
This extension allows you to offer a website search engine without the need of any server side scripting. The search is perfomed by means of Javascript within the browser and runs fine for offline CD ROM as well. Recommended for small websites only.
This extension installs a new object, which contains (and hides) PHP code for a simple PHP guestbook where each entry is successively listed in place of this object.
It provides consistency checks, HTML formatting, time stamping and entry alignment.
This extension helps to create HTML-based emails. Design your pages, collect them in a site, select all the pages you want to convert and start HTML2EMail - it will convert all your pages successively. It can create embedded and server side emails and optionally sends them.
This extension simulates and hence offers a preview for colored scroll bars of some browsers. You can adjust seven values and mimic their appearance.
If you have lost your access codes or like to copy and paste your data easily, ServerInfo might help you in this situation.
This extension hides an email address and the visible title from the page source in order to block most spam bots. The email address and the visible title is rebuilt upon rendering the page with a browser using javascript. An optional subject line can help format the newly generated email address.